How to Stop Thinking About Something Now (It is possible!)

Have you ever wondered how to stop thinking about something? We’ve all encountered unexpected or stressful situations. Life has a funny way of testing us all. Sometimes, there is simply no escaping circumstances and people in our lives impacting our thoughts in unhealthy ways. Your Earth Angel is here to empower you with helpful tips on how to counter distracting thoughts in a positive manner. “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.”

Get to Know Me Questions That Actually Work (No More Small Talk!)

Get to know me questions are a great way to take your conversations to a deeper level when you meet someone new. Have you ever wished you could come up with better conversational topics? Many people struggle with how to get past small talk and into a meaningful exchange that actually helps you learn more about the person you are talking to. Your Earth Angel is here to help you master easy chat techniques to help you with your next face-to-face encounter!

Aminata Designs

Aminata Sene is a Graphic Designer and the Creative Director for Aminata Designs. Dedicated to her clients, Aminata strives to deliver creative solutions designed to take her clients' vision to the next level with multimedia excellence. Her work establishes a marketable brand and visual voice for her clients through digital and print media. Born in Senegal, Aminata has been living in the U.S. for over two decades and feels blessed to have been artistically inspired by both cultures. Her unique experiences enable her to bring the best of both worlds into vivid color and expression for each creative project she takes on. She is a global designer with clients in the US, Europe and Africa.

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Nichelle Gregory: Erotic Author Spotlight Series | Erotica Writer Features

I’m often asked why I write erotic romance. The answer is multi-faceted. First and foremost, I love books! I’ve always been a voracious reader. I enjoy thrillers, horror and sci-fi but romance has always been my favorite genre! There’s just something special about reading a love story, following the characters and experiencing the heartfelt emotions involved as their relationship unfolds within the pages of a book. As a writer, I enjoy exploring the emotional rollercoaster that is love. Passion is powerful, unpredictable and delicious fun to write! As a teen, I noticed a lack of diversity in the romance books that I would sneak to read. I wanted to read sexy books featuring women who looked like me, wished for love stories that catered to every female, regardless of race or body size. These longings fueled my intentions as a young writer but I never dreamed my words would be read by anyone other than me! That is a gift of joy, one I cherish and marvel at often.

Nichelle Gregory talks to us about her Special Editions!

Hi, I'm Nichelle Gregory and I am Totally Bound's featured author for July! I was so excited for the opportunity to revamp some of my earlier works! I got a chance to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane as I re-read these tales that truly inspired me to stay the course as a newbie author. The first tale to get revamped? Lovin’ Leela, which was my first story accepted by Totally Bound! Oh, what a joyous moment that was!

Let's talk Chicago, Copenhagen and Shemar Moore (yes!)

Today’s featured authors: Nichelle Gregory, author of Soul Fire; Katy Swann, author of Dominion, The Ultimatum; and Viktor Alexander, author of Delicious Mistake. They’re sharing some of their favorite vacation destinations and actors. • Chicago. Where else can you experience world-class cuisine, amazing concerts, shows, museums, rockin’ night life and shopping? The Windy City has something to offer everyone and it will always be one of my favorite places! • Seattle. The Emerald City encourages one to embrace the beauty of nature. I think Seattle is one of the prettiest cities in America with its plethora of greenery, lakes and mountains. I also love the health conscious mindset of Seattleites. Ahh…There’s just something about the air in Seattle that soothes my senses!

IRR Romance: Nichelle Gregory's Talk Sexy

Coloring Characters? Creating believable, relatable characters is a delightful challenge that I’ve always enjoyed. I think the truly magical part of reading is how we as readers create mental pictures in our mind regarding details of the story given to us by an author. Chances are if you asked two readers of the same book to pick out a real life look–a-like, they would pick two different people. Readers can read the same words but interpretation varies because of our imagination! As an author, when it comes to describing characters, I strive to give enough details to help my readers picture the traits that make up my hero or heroine without being distracting. I want you to know the race of my characters but after I’ve somehow subtly woven in the particulars, I don’t tend to keep reminding the reader.

IRR Romance: Nichelle Gregory's "Soul Sweet"

I’ve been asked why I write multicultural romance more than once and for the longest time I struggled when giving my answer. I was concerned as a black author, that my interracial stories somehow showed a lack of support of the black family, of the black man. I celebrate and cherish both, but I worried about my books with mixed heroes and heroines being looked upon by members of my own race as ‘sell-out’ stories. In truth, I’ve penned tales with the hero and heroine being of the same race, both white and black, but I’ve found myself gravitating to writing stories with mixed couples.

Guest Blog: Nichelle Gregory

I recently had a discussion with a male friend who supports my work as an erotic romance author, although he admitted he didn’t ‘get’ how women could continue to read them after indulging in one. Of course, I asked him how he could speak on romance novels if he’d never read one. He got a silly look on his face and said he’d taken a peep at one his former girlfriend had lying around. After talking about the subject further, he revealed how he felt such books filled women’s heads with unrealistic ideas about love, sex and relationships in general.